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14 de May de 2024

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9 de May de 2024

Bring your hair to life with Mofajang from Troia Hair! 🌟 Do you want to change your look in a quick and fun way? Try Mofajang […]
8 de May de 2024

4 months to go! Anxiety at a thousand! 🤩Only 4 months to go until Beauty Fair!The countdown has begun to the biggest beauty event of the […]
30 de April de 2024

Workshop – Tróia Class. Our workshop was a success! Thanks to everyone who took part and stay tuned for upcoming events! 💼✨ #Workshop #Success #TróiaHair #Hairdressers
25 de April de 2024

Experience perfect shine with Elfa Colorless Styling Wax! Add a touch of style to your hairstyles with our Elfa Colorless Styling Wax! This cruelty-free wax provides […]
24 de April de 2024

Does temporary coloring exist? Introducing the new color Mofajang -Orange from Tróia Hair! ✨🍊 Get ready for an explosion of color and style with our latest […]
22 de April de 2024

Formaldehyde-free 🌿

Formaldehyde-free 🌿 Bet on our Organic Tróia Hair line! Formaldehyde-free and full of natural ingredients such as Keratin, Sunflower Oil, Argan Oil and D-Panthenol. With a […]
18 de April de 2024

Vem ser Tróia Creator !

Você sonha em ser parte de uma comunidade apaixonada por cabelos deslumbrantes? Esta é sua chance de brilhar! ✨ ✨Seja um Tróia Creator e desbloqueie seu […]