Diva S.O.S.

The combination of Jaborandi, Biotin, and Panthenol stimulates the follicles and repairs the hair from external aggressions, leaving them healthy to grow stronger.
It helps combat hair loss and stimulates growth.

Powerful 1.9.3

The reconstructive kit acts cleansing and nourishing the damaged and chemically damaged hair, its exclusive formulation with Bio Restore, Cassava Extract and Karite Butter repairs and fills the damaged structure, providing intense hydration and leaving the hair totally soft, shiny and malleable. For chemically treated hair.


A treatment kit for blond hair that illuminates and maintains the color with much more shine, softness, and health. For those who want to preserve the perfect tone without giving up their health.

- With a nourishing formula that strengthens and ensures a silky touch and prevents breakage.

Capillary Diffusion

The Hair Diffusion Kit was specially developed to treat hair, fortifying it from root to tip, and accelerating its growth. It has 3 steps that can be used daily, or can be interspersed with another treatment.
Its shampoo has a Bioex Capilar, Capsicum, Jaborandi, and Biotin enriched formula, which provides an anti-fall and anti-breaking action, promoting the strengthening of the fiber.
Fortifying Mask, which provides a deep action on the hair, revitalizing and restoring strength, strengthening the anti-fall and breakage action.
Fortifying Conditioner, closes the cuticles, extending the duration of the actives' action on the hair, providing shine, softness, and silkiness.

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