Anti-residue Shampoo

The Troia Hair® Special Anti-Residue Shampoo was carefully formulated for all hair types. It promotes a deep cleaning of the hair, removing the accumulated residues, which leave the hair heavy, opaque, and lifeless. It is indicated to prepare and open the hair cuticle to receive hair treatments.


The Troia Hair® Plus Replenishing Capillary Mask completely transforms hair, promoting disciplined conditioning to rebellious strands, eliminating frizz, leaving hair flexible and renewed. Formulated with bioactive ingredients that help replenish the hair fiber and with argan oil, which gives shine and softness. Indicated for all hair types. It adds silkiness and volume control, improving the structure of the hair shaft, and providing a healthy, natural look to the hair.


Roganic promotes effective heat treatment, while moisturizing and nourishing the hair. It controls hair volume, completely eliminating frizz, providing discipline, in addition to thermal protection and hydrated ends. Formaldehyde-free, it offers comfort to the client and the professional, and its formula is rich in avocado oil and macadamia oil, leaving hair with a mirror-like shine.

Organic Pink

Plus Organic Pink Reducing Capillary Mask, indicated for all hair types, provides a long-lasting natural mirror effect, as it penetrates and nourishes the capillary fiber internally, preventing the hair from getting damaged. It gives moisturized strands with mirror-like shine and softness.

MATIZING ACTION: It has a matrizing action for bleached blond hair, keeping the platinum tone for much longer.

Organic Plastia

The Troia Hair® Hair Restoring Mask was formulated with Keratin that reconstructs the fiber, Shea Butter that gives shine and softness, indicated for all hair types, controls volume, improves the structure and provides a healthy and disciplined look.


Troia Hair®'s Capillary Gelatin is ideal for all hair types, especially blond hair, because it provides a pearly effect, controls volume, reduces frizz, resulting in a more disciplined and silky aspect, whether it is curly, curly, or wavy.
Vegano has no animal components and much less submits animals to cruel tests, this product generates less impact on nature and the environment.