Pink Trotox Premium

The Troia Hair® Organic Rose Premium Trotox Thermo-activated Mass Replenisher is a revolutionary product, suitable for all hair types. The treatment deeply reconstitutes the hair structure, replenishes the capillary mass, and restores shine and natural balance to the hair.

- Wavy, curly, and frizzy hair that needs moisturizing and natural volume reduction.
- It can be applied to all hair types.
- Be extra careful with blond hair.

Trotox Magic Violet Premium

Thermo-activated Mass Replenisher for blond and gray hair. Trotox Magic Violet Premium Troia Hair® is a cosmetic treatment that tints hair, helps reduce volume, and eliminates frizz. It gives a natural effect by neutralizing yellowish tones, moisturizes, strengthens, and repairs the damage from coloring or bleaching. It restores the luminosity of a healthy blond.

- For gray or blond hair, it removes the yellowish aspect of the hair.