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Leave-in for all hair types, detangles and smoothes the surface of the hair for more shine and manageability. Ideal for the routine of everyone who needs hydration, whether the hair is dry, brittle, thick, curly, wavy, or straight.
* Add to hydrations to potentiate the treatment.
* Use a good amount before entering the sea or pool, to preserve the hair from chlorine/sodium and sun.

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< Argan Oil

Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that form a protective barrier on the hair. Its rich and intense formula brings a new technology, being quickly absorbed by the hair. It provides deep nourishment, moisturizes, and protects the hair from aggressions.

Coconut Oil>

It leaves hair more radiant, with emollience and balance. This finisher has high shine and hydration power on the hair, helping to fight split ends, replenishing the protective layer and sealing the cuticles in a long-lasting way until the next wash. It nourishes and reduces frizz.


Rich in noble silicones, it promotes a lot of shine with a velvety touch to the hair without leaving a heavy look. It can be used as a finisher and thermal protection.

* Add it to your daily treatment routine and get incredibly silky, naturally shiny and balanced hair.
* Use a good amount before entering the sea or pool, to preserve your hair from chlorine/sodium and sun.

Liquid Keratin.

Troia Hair® Cosmetics' Liquid Keratin recovers hair damaged by chemicals or external factors, such as sea salt, chlorine, pollution, among others, giving back strength and vitality to the strands. It has molecules responsible for protecting the cuticle of each strand present on the head, besides penetrating the hair cortex and promoting hydration, shine, and softness to the hair fiber.

Apple Vinegar

Apple Vinegar Hair Spray Troia Care® acts as a restorer for damaged, dull, split-ended hair. It has assets that balance the pH of porous hair, improving combability, providing frizz reduction, giving intense shine, long-lasting softness, and a light, pleasant fragrance.
- Restoration of damaged hair
- Balances pH by sealing the cuticles

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